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Accessing my unit
WP Self Storage, the name says it all.  You have your own keys and padlock. We do however keep a second set of keys in the event of a fire or maintenance .

Access to the premises will only be given to those on the registry.

Size of the Units

The Standard units are about the size of a garage.
Times Open
Weekdays 8am to 5pm
Saturdays 8am to 1pm
Insurance Issus
Our insurance does not cover the contents of the units.  That is left up to the client. In the case that a client’s insurance company requires information regarding WP Storage and security measures taken to ensure decreased risks, we will be more than happy to send the information through.
Contract Period

Minimum rental period is one month. After that the client can decide how long the unit will be required for.  Units can also be hired indefinitely

Payment Period

Payments are to be made in advance.

In the event of moving in on or before the 15th of a month, the full up front payment is required.  After the 15th a prorata payment will be calculated for the days left in that specific month.

Payment Method
We prefer debit order payments for the use of the unit(s).
What can be stored and how

No storing of flammable, dangerous or goods that may leave an odour. No illegal goods. In case of finding any illegal goods, the authorities will be notified. Only self supported shelves may be used in the storage units.

Notice period of termination

There is a 14 days written notice that must be sent to us in the event of termination of lease.

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